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Eric's AM/FM/TV DX Site
About Me


About Me
AM Radio DX Log-530 to 890 KHZ
AM DX LOG-900 to 1290 KHZ

Welcome to my "little corner of the web"! 

     As I peruse people's "home-made" web sites, I find that they can give a bit of a view of the individual.  No two are exactly alike, just as no two people are exactly alike.
     My name is Eric, and I am a male in my early forties.  I ;ive in the village of Tweed, Ontario, a small community in Eastern Ontario, approximately 120 miles north east of Toronto.  This part of the province is quite rural, and is a beautiful area, with a wide variety of scenic locations to view.  It is just on the border between the Canadian Shield and the Saint Lawrence lowlands.  I plan to post photos of the area on my website in the near future.
     I am on the volunteer board of directors of our local health centre, the "Gateway Community Health Centre" here in Tweed.

     I have been dx'ing off and on for approximately 25 years, primarily on the AM (medium wave) band, but also on both the FM and TV bands  I find DX'ing to be almost like a virus which will not completely go away.  A person might not dx for a long period of time, but all of a sudden, given the right conditions, they will start scanning the bands for that elusive catch again.  It can be very addictive, as any other dx'er will agree.
    I find it fascinating to see what can be heard and seen on a given day, depending on the atmospheric conditions and weather.  What might be coming in clearly one day, or hour even, might never be seen or heard again for a considerable amount of time, if ever. 
     I am a proud member of both the National Radio Club and the Worldwide TV FM DX Association.