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Eric's AM/FM/TV DX Site
About Me
AM Radio DX Log-530 to 890 KHZ
AM DX LOG-900 to 1290 KHZ

Hi, and welcome to my first attempt at building a web page!
     My primary focus of this web site is DX'ing, whether it be AM, FM, Short Wave, or TV, which, by definition, is the search for and study of long distance radio and television reception.  By nature, it can be quite addictive, and many hours can be spent chasing down elusive signals (only to have the station fade out just as they are about to give their ID!) and once someone is affected by the hobby, it tends to never leave.  I have stopped DX'ing once in a while for a period of time, but as soon as an interesting signal comes in, I find myself instinctively scanning the band, ear to the speaker, to see what else is coming in.
     I am a member of both the National Radio Club and the Worldwide TV/FM DX Association.   
     I got my start in dx'ing with AM radio, which is still my primary focus, although I am getting more and more into FM and TV DX'ing.  Through studying conditions, I am now beginning to recognize the signs of a potential opening on these bands.  I hope to greatly expand my loggings in this part of the radio spectrum as time goes by.  Also, as I stated, I am also interested in International Short Wave Radio.  The way in which different parts of the world present themselves to the rest of humanity is something which has always intrigued me, and can be readily seen by scanning the short wave bands.         
     Other than DXing, my interests lay in vintage electronics.  I am starting to collect old TV's and radios.  I have always thought that they had more "soul" than a lot of the units made today, but hey, I might just be showing own "approaching antiquity"!


any comments, etc., please e-mail me at